!BANG!' ing the House Down
By Dory Funk Jr., Columnist for 1wrestling.com

BANG! Television Taping Report

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Saturday, December 21st, 2002
Florida Wildfire proved to be one of the best shows produced by the Funking Conservatory as a plethora of wrestling talent !BANG!'ed the house down.

Missy Hyatt

11 - Funking Conservatory Championship, Texas Death Match, Adam Windsor defeated NWA Wildside's Murder One. Murder One won the first three falls, Windsor came back to put Murder One through a table to win the forth fall. Windsor won the fifth and final fall coming of the top rope with a dropkick into a chair wielded by Murder One with the chair banging into Murder One's head. Murder One was unable to answer the ten count by the referee, Claudia Reiff, "The Claw" awarding the victory to Adam Windsor.

10 - European Championship, Domino won over Sledge Hammer with a choke-slam to become the new European Champion.

Red Power

9 - Red Power lost in her challenge to become Funking Conservatory Women's champion against Ireland's Alex Breslin, however Red Power prevailed in the fight after the match by pounding Breslin and Missy Hyatt then leaving the ring with the championship belt. Security returned the belt to Alex Breslin.

8 - Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship, Blackout, Murder one and Rainman escorted by Missy Hyatt defeated the Lost Boyz, Azrael and Slim J. to take the Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship.

7 - Vinnei Pilleggi and Sledge Hammer beat Matt Sells and Synn. Sledge Hammer pounded Matt Selles with his patented  "Sledge Hammer."

6 - TV Championship, Carley Colon, WWC Champion defeated Murder One, escorted by Missy Hyatt to become the Funking Conservatory Television Champion with a forward face buster.

Ellison Nicholes

5 - Intergender Tag Team Match, Ellison Nichols and Matt Sells defeated Jane Doe and Synn when Matt Sells pinned Synn.

4 - Lost Boyz, Azrael and Slim J. defeated Carley Colon and B. J. Billy Jerkins. Azrael took the fall on B. J. for the win.

3 - Adam Windsor and Johnny Heartbreaker beat Sledge Hammer and Domino. After taking a suplex from Domino, Johnny Heartbreaker left the ring leaving Windsor to wrestle two men. Windsor caught Sledge Hammer with a well places Super Kick to the chin for the victory.

2 - B. J. Jerkins defeated Vinnie Pileggi with his favorite finishing maneuver, the Jerk Around.

Women's Champion, Alex Breslin from Ireland

1 - Alex Breslin from Ireland defended her Funking Conservatory Women's Championship beating  Allison Nicholes in the first match of the night.

"The Claw" She is the Law

Be sure to come to the first show of 2003, F'N BLAST OFF, Osamu Nishimura will be returning to defend the BANG U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP, and The WWE's Johnny Ace is sending DR. TOM PRICHARD, WWE Talent  Scout and trainer to the Funking Conservatory to evaluate wrestling talent. Dr. Tom will also make an appearance on our !BANG! Television Show.

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Last but not least, NWA Wildside's Jane Doe aka Dirt

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