!BANG! TV Report
Airdate: June 14, 2003
WRBW UPN 65  Orlando, FL
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy
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     Hello all and welcome to another !BANG! TV report on our new TV station WRBW UPN 65 in Orlando, FL. Exhibition matches
continue every Saturday night at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL, and The Big !BANG! is coming on Saturday night, June 28.
Several great matches will be on the card including the returns of The First Lady Of Wrestling Missy Hyatt and New Japan Pro
Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura. More on that later.

     The first match on today's program would feature Manny Montana facing the Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion Bobby
"Bonecrusher" Smith in a non title match. Joining Bonecrusher at ringside would be his manager Lawbook Esquire.
     The match started off with Bonecrusher trying to get the early advantage on Manny, but Manny caught Bonecrusher in the corner
with a series of punches and chops. Manny then whipped Bonecrusher into the opposite corner and connected with a back elbow
smash. Manny continued the offense by whipping Bonecrusher into the ropes and catching him with a huge clothesline. Manny
followed up with a chop and a dropkick.
     Manny tried to whip Bonecrusher into the ropes again, but Bonecrusher reversed the whip and knocked Manny down with a
clothesline of his own. Bonecrusher continued on Manny by stomping on him and then placing him in the corner to deliver more
chops. Manny countered with a kick to the midsection of Bonecrusher and then a quick series of chops knocking Bonecrusher into
the opposite corner.
     Bonecrusher countered back on Manny with a high kneelift and followed up with a suplex. Bonecrusher went for the first cover of
the match, but Manny kicked out at two. Bonecrusher placed Manny in the corner and gave him another huge chop followed up by a
hiptoss. Bonecrusher then tried to choke Manny out using the ropes, but referee The Claw would force Bonecrusher to break the
     Bonecrusher gave Manny a whip into the corner and went for a running clothesline, but Manny ducked and caught Bonecrusher
with a German suplex. Manny went for the cover, but Bonecrusher kicked out at two. As Manny argued with The Claw, Bonecrusher
came up behind him and delivered a low blow. Manny slumped across the middle rope.
     As Bonecrusher distracted The Claw, Lawbook Esquire whacked Manny in the head with his briefcase. Bonecrusher then
bounced off the ropes and dropped the Bonecrusher elbow drop on Manny. Bonecrusher made the cover for three and the victory.

     Today's feature match would be an intergender tag team match between four champions. On one side would be the team of the
Funking Conservatory European Champion Sledgehammer/w Lawbook Esquire and the !BANG! TV Champion The Highland
Strangler. The other side would be the team of the Funking Conservatory Women's Champion Dixie The Diva Of Domination (3D)
and the Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor.
     Adam and Sledgehammer would start for their respective teams. Adam backed Sledgehammer into the corner and came away
with a clean break. Adam turned and noticed his arch enemy Bonecrusher sitting at ringside.
     With Adam distracted, Sledgehammer brought him down to the mat with an armdrag. Sledgehammer would bring Adam back
down to the mat with a headlock takedown, but Adam quickly escaped the headlock. Adam caught Sledgehammer with an armbar
and then followed up with an armdrag back into the armbar. Adam then made the tag to Dixie.
     Dixie took over on the armbar on Sledgehammer, but Sledgehammer easily reversed the armbar into an armbar of his own on
Dixie. Sledgehammer then gave Dixie an armdrag, but Dixie rolled right back over catching Sledgehammer in the armbar once
again. Sledgehammer forced Dixie into the corner where he would make the tag to the Strangler.
     Strangler started off by choking Dixie in the corner with his boot. After the two locked up, Dixie caught Strangler with three
armtwists sending him down to the mat and followed up with two legdrops on Strangler's arm. Once Dixie reapplied the armbar,
she made the tag to Adam.
     Adam came in and applied a modified abdominal stretch on Strangler. The Claw asked Strangler if he wanted to give up and he
replied no. Adam went back to the armbar, but Strangler reversed the hold into a form of the full nelson. Strangler brought Adam
back to his corner to make the tag to Sledgehammer.
     Sledgehammer came back in and went to work on Adam with a series of blows to the midsection and followed up with a suplex.
Sledgehammer went for a cover, but Adam kicked out at two. Sledgehammer tried to put Adam away with a big bodyslam.
Sledgehammer went for another cover, but Adam kicked out at two again.
     Sledgehammer continued with another suplex and went for the cover again, but Adam would kick out once again at two.
Sledgehammer tried another bodyslam, but like before Adam kicked out at two. Sledgehammer then tried a clothesline and tried
the cover again, but Adam kicked out at two yet again.
     Adam tried to fight back with blows to the head of Sledgehammer, but Sledgehammer sent Adam back down with a forearm to
the back. Once again Sledgehammer attempted to whip Adam into the ropes, but Adam reversed the whip and sent Sledgehammer
down to the mat with a reverse elbow smash. Adam then placed Sledgehammer in the corner and went to work with a chop, a
kneelift, and three European uppercuts. Adam then made the tag to Dixie.
     Dixie and Adam gave Sledgehammer a double whip into the ropes. Adam gave Sledgehammer a kick to the midsection while
Dixie beautifully executed a neckbreaker on Sledgehammer. Dixie went for the cover, but Sledgehammer easily kicked out at two.
Dixie tried the cover again, but Sledgehammer kicked out at two again. Dixie made the tag back to Adam.
     Adam went to work on Sledgehammer with three powerful European uppercuts and followed up with a high vertical suplex.
Adam went for the cover, but Sledgehammer again kicked out at two. Adam whipped Sledgehammer into the ropes and went for a
clothesline which turned into a double clothesline sending both men down.
     At this point of the match, Bonecrusher chased Dixie into the ring with a chair. Bonecrusher was planning to hit Adam over the
head with the chair like he has done several times before. Dixie stood in front of Adam to shield him. As Adam stood up, Dixie
dropped to one knee and delivered a low blow to ADAM!!!! Dixie had turned on her own partner and Bonecrusher then cracked the
chair over Adam's head. The Claw called for the bell ruling Adam and Dixie the winners via DQ.
     At this point, everyone in the ring was stomping away on Adam until Manny Montana tried to make the save, but he was met by
Bonecrusher's chair, knocking him out cold. The ring did clear when Coach Dory Funk, Jr. came in to save Adam. Bonecrusher was
the only one who stayed in the ring and then proceeded to shove Dory not once, not twice, but three times. Dory decided he had
taken enough and gave Bonecrusher a high kneelift. As Dory went for the spinning toehold, Bonecrusher was dragged out by his
"friends". This situation with Adam and Bonecrusher is far from over.

     The final segment on today's show was a video with highlights on the career of The Royal Stud Adam Windsor. Adam talked
about how he became a professional wrestler and of some of his inspirations being Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Clips of some of
his greatest matches were shown with opponents such as Chuck Reid, Chris Vaughn, Bonecrusher, TNT Travis Taylor, U.K. Kid, and
the great Osamu Nishimura. Adam also talked about how when people told him that he would never make it as a wrestler, he was
going to prove them wrong.
     The clip from August 28, 1999 was shown with 120 pound Adam Windsor and his tag team partner Terry Sinner facing the team of
Jeremy Jett and H.C. Loc. This was Adam's very first match. Both Jett and Loc pummeled on Adam, but he would bounce back to
help his team win the match.
     The next set of clips was from Adam's very first Florida title defense when he faced his mentor, Dory Funk, Jr.. Adam said that
this was one of his toughest matches. Dory would have control through most of the match, but Adam once again rebounded and
defeated the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion with a submission hold to retain the Florida Championship.

     The Big !BANG! will be taking place at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL, on Saturday night, June 28. Adam Windsor will be
defending his Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship against his arch enemy Bobby "Bonecrusher" Smith.
Sledgehammer and Dixie will be on the card defending their titles.
     The night will be highlighted by the returns of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura and The First Lady Of Wrestling
Missy Hyatt. Other wrestlers will be on the card along with The Claw officiating the action. For more information, log onto Dory's
website at www.dory-funk.com or give Marti Funk a call at (352) 895-4658.
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