In Funk's Corner
The "Bad Guys"

Today we are going to hear from the only wrestler authorized to train in the Funking Conservatory along with myself, The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor.

Funking Conservatory World Champion, Adam Windsor 
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The Bad Guys
By Adam Windsor

Whether it is 2003, the 90’s, the 80’s, the 70’s or as far back as the 30’s there have always been two specific different types of wrestler - The good guy (Babyface), and The bad guy (Heel).

Today on In Funks Corner I am going to take a look at The Bad Guy (Heel), and tell you just what it takes to be one.

First of all you have to ask yourself the questions - What does it take to be a Heel? How do you get as much heat as you want?

Do you have to be over 6’5 Tall? Do you have to be over 250 pounds? Do you have to have a muscular athletic physic? Do you have to yell and scream at the fans? Do you have to curse? Do you have to beat somebody up?

In actual fact none of the above apply, there is only one real thing that you need to be a heel - TIMING.

It is not necessarily how you do something, whether it is a move, a gesture, a highspot - Its when you do it.

Anybody  off the street can take a finger and poke somebody in the eye, but can they do it like when Ric Flair does it? Truth be told they probably can but the difference is that Ric Flair only does it when the time is right. He only does it when it means something, and from it he can establish himself as ‘The dirtiest player in the game’ and get all the heat that he wants.

Anybody off the street can shout  “I am the king of the world!!”, but when Chris Jericho says it, the crowd will boo him almost out of the building. He is only saying words, but again he is saying it to mean something and at the perfect time in a match.

Almost any wrestler on the Indy scene can cut a babyface off and and pummel them into the mat, they then wonder why the crowd are not booing them because they just beat the good guy down. If you watch Triple H, when he beats somebody down it really means something, and the crowd hates him for it, and thus he gets the reaction that he wants.

Even out of ring, it takes TIMING to really establish yourself as a bad guy - even on the microphone.

Vince McMahon can go out on live TV and speak to a national audience for five minutes, and everybody in the arena will watch and listen, however when the time is right -and only when the time is right, he will say a line and 20,000 people will start chanting ‘Asshole’ right at him. 

So once again, what does it really take to establish yourself to an audience as a bad guy or a heel - Its not your size, its not you ability, its not even your look - Its all about TIMING.

And the next question I get asked is “Well how do I learn Timing?”

And my answer is that as well as teaching wrestling here at The Funking Conservatory, we also teach wrestling psychology, and of course - Timing.

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