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Brian and Pam on their wedding day.
A Profile in Courage

WCW Referee, Mark Curtis, aka Brian Hildebrand, will undergo surgery on Wednesday to remove an obstruction from his stomach. He has been undergoing tests for the last two weeks after having problems digesting food in recent weeks. Brian was out of action for several months last year after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. Doctors will be checking to see if there is a recurrence of the cancer.

Brian and Pam are a wonderful couple and good friends.

Brian is the epitome of what a referee should be. He calls the action and communicates to the wrestling fans what is taking place in the ring. A good referee is a pleasure to work with. Brian is the best.

I had the privilege of working with him at the Eddie Gilbert memorial in Cherry Hill last year.

There isn't a nicer guy in professional wrestling, and there is not a better referee.

Brian, "We will all be waiting for you to comeback." Our prayers are with you both.

Dory and Marti Funk

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