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Professional Wrestling is an athletic performance. It can only be performed properly
by fine athletes. Check out some of them, past and present:Hogan, Hunter Hurst, Shane
Helms, Adam Windsor, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Kurt Angle, Rob Van
Dam Edge, Jumbo Tsuruta, Christian, Brock Lesnar, Jack Brisco, Charles Robinson,
The Claw, Sheldon Benjamin, Lou Thesz, Charley Haas, Antonio Inoki, The Hardy
Boyz, Lita, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilsion, Ivory, Victoria, Steve Austin, Undertaker,
Brent Dail, Carley Colon and more.

The tie that binds all these people is that they are all fine athletes and well trained.

With our new tryouts for !BANG! continuing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this
week and next week, we have been in contact with many independent workers. There
are some fine athletes on the Indy Circuit also. Pro-wrestling, at the top is a rewarding
and very well paying job on a level with anybody else with national television exposure
on a regularly scheduled TV program. Pro-wrestling can also give you self confidence,
a healthy life and a sense of accomplishment.

Here are some of our fine athletes, The !BANG! Gang

Adam Windsor, Dory Funk Jr., Untouchable Leon Scott, Tizziana, Sledghammer
Journalist James Malone, Head Referee, The Claw, Manager Lawbook Esquire
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