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Amy Dumas

The Return of the Lady Athlete to Pro-Wrestling

A striking young girl came up to Marti and I and introduced herself saying, "Hi, I'm Amy." It is nice to meet you. Her attitude was easy, softer than you would think at an ECW show. She we had worked out with the Hardy Boys who had trained at the WWF Funking Dojo. Amy expressed her hope to train with us some day. Later in the night her and Marti had a few laughs as Amy did some impersonations of my coaching that she learned from the Hardy Boys. As always, it was a fun time with the ECW crew.

Amy Dumas and Marti Funk

We were preparing for the first Funking Conservatory in Ocala when we heard that Amy would be flying in from Virginia to join the very first Funking Conservatory. Sixteen men and one woman, Amy Dumas. I had only coached one woman before, Nicole Bass at the WWF. I figured if Amy were going to have any respect from the rest of the camp, I would have to make it every bit as hard on Amy as the rest of the guys.

On the third day of the Funking Conservatory, Amy was up at 5:30am to prepare for a photo shoot with Marti at the beautiful Rainbow River here in Florida. They were working on location at 6:30am. Amy then had to be at the gym for weights and cardio at 9:00am. After a short break for lunch she was in the ring with all the boys from 2:00pm till we were finished around 7:00pm. I pushed her hard in drills, making her do things over again and again until they were done properly. No breaks because she was a girl. No breaks because she was working double time.

With a background in swimming, gymnastics, Judo, and dancing, Amy was right for ProWrestling. She was also right for the Funking Conservatory when she returned to the training camp to offer advice to a new group of our future stars. After introducing her to my new crew, she walked to the middle of the ring with 15 monsters. She looked them over and said, "If you guys will just keep your mouth shut and listen, you will do all right."

At the Funking Conservatory we are proud of her success and wish her well.

She works in the WWF as "Lita" with Essa Rios who's real name is Papi Chulo another one of our fine students from the Funking Dojo.

Essa Rios - Let's see you fly now!!!

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