In Funk's Corner

Through the Eyes of an Artist

I told him about the match in Houston, Texas in 1972 with John Valentine for the NWA World
Championship. I told him how awesome John Valentine was as a worker and how the fans
believed in his wrestling. How solid and believable his work was. I talked about the big ring
at the Sam Houston Coliseum. I showed him photos of the show and he painted the picture.

John Valentine, Dory Funk Jr. Sam Houston Coliseum in Oil

I was traveling to Japan on tour with All Japan Pro-wrestling. I wanted something special.
A gift for Giant Baba. I knew Baba was an artist himself. I described to him the meaning
of the "Land of the Rising Sun and how the sun and the ocean meant so much to the
Japanese People. I told him how the this island nation views the rising over the Pacific
(Peaceful) Ocean.

Sunrise over the Pacific - Gift to Giant Baba

I told him where I grew up in West Texas on my father's ranch. (Flying Mare Ranch) about
the flat land, windmills and working cattle on my father's ranch. I told him about the beautiful
sunsets in West Texas.

Cattle pens and windmill on the Flying Mare Ranch in West Texas

I talked about goose hunting near Buffalo Lake just north of Umbarger, Texas and how
the geese flew in "V" formation and how intelligent and wary a bird they were.

Eight Canadian Honkers fly in "V" formation

I told him about the trips in the Amarillo Territory and how we often traveled scenic
routes. I told him about passing beneath Guadeloupe peak traveling from El-Paso to
Odessa, Texas. Guadeloupe Peak is the highest point in Texas.

Guadeloupe Peak as seen from the scrub and cacti.

The Artist - John E. McKinley
Father of Marti Funk
February 2, 1915 - October 12, 2003

October is a special month at the Funking Conservatory. Our training camp will
finish up with a Thanksgiving Night Spectacular Show and TV Taping, Battlemania
from our 1000 seat facility Skate Mania in Ocala, Florida. All trainees will be on
the show. In addition they will receive a free video package of their work and Thanks-
Giving Dinner with the Funking Conservatory Team Thursday noon.
For more information on "BATTLEMANIA" and The Funking Conservatory:
Call 352-895-4658
E-mail Dory Funk
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BattleMania Thanksgiving Night in Ocala at SkateMania will feature:
The Royal Stud Adam Windsor
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
The First Lady of Wrestling, Missy Hyatt
Our Women's Champion Dixie
Little Wahoo McDaniel
A Giant "BattleMania Rumble" with Giant Magnum - 7' tall 300 pounds.
The Big Cat
"The Reason" Marcus Dillon
Sledge Hammer
The Claw and many more.