Angelica - Photo by Marti Funk

Angelica from Funking Conservatory II will be joining the World Wrestling Federation.

The Coaches Report

Angelica - 23 years old, 5' 8" 135 pounds from Atlanta, Georgia. 6 months experience as manager and second with ECW. Angelica is a gifted athlete. (Dancing, swimming, weight training and gymnastics) She trained with Funking Dojo graduates, Matt and Jeff Hardy. She wrestles with men. Much like Dave, Angelica has a natural talent for the wrestling business. She can work and take bumps with the best of the men in the business. Angelica earns the designation Blue Chipper. She is at home in the ring, on interviews, or on location posing for photos. Angelica can take it and dish it out in the wrestling business and works hard. Her matches with Razz (Michael Brown) and in the battle royal were key to the success of our show, Masters of Mayhem.

We wish her well,

Dory and Marti Funk

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