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A Gathering of Wrestling Talent

There is a need of young cosmetically appealing wrestling talent that can work in WCW, WWF, ECW and the Japanese Pro-wrestling companies.

On Sunday April 23rd, 2000 on the ground floor of the Ocala Hilton Hotel there will be a gathering of young cosmetically appealing wrestling talent that can work. This will be the finest group of young talent ever in one location. The attendance at the April Funking Conservatory has swelled to 38 wrestlers. Sunday is Orientation Day and Monday the work starts. We will have six days of "Life in the Wrestling Business," as we recreate every day "What the wrestling business is about."

They will live together, eat together, train together and fight together. They will all be in support of each other. They are the members of the Funking Conservatory team.

Many will have their first match ever in a professional wrestling ring. Many are returning to the Funking Conservatory and can perform on a level even above others already working in the major wrestling companies.

Some of those with exceptional talent earning the Blue Chipper designation are:

Dave DeJohn
Dave DeJohn - 24 years old, 6' 5" 310 pounds from New York City. 3 years experience on the independent circuit and former football player. Dave blossomed in Funking Conservatory III. He has a natural working ability not found in many wrestlers. Dave is following his dream to make it in the WWF. He calls himself the "Largest Man on the Planet." (When he is in the ring performing he feels that way) Dave earns the Funking Conservatory Blue Chip designation as one sure to succeed in the wrestling business. Not only does Dave excel in the ring, but his interview skills are excellent. He also is an accomplished singer and does Frank Sinatra style.

Adam Windsor
Adam "The Royal Stud" Windsor
Adam Windsor - 5' 11" tall, 210 pounds has been training with us for several months, and gets better every time we have a training camp. It's hard to believe he's only 18 years old. Adam has a charisma that works as a baby face or heel and can cut a good promo either way. Adam's skills are a mixture of good wrestling and aerial maneuvers from the top rope. Adam also has a college degree in computer programing. (Blue Chip Prospect)

Josh "The All American" Wilcox
Josh "Smash Mouth" Wilcox was the starting tight end for the New Orleans Saints at the end of the season.  He wants to be a pro wrestler, and came to our camp to get a taste of what it would be like.  Josh had worked a few house shows for indys in the northwest, but had little formal training until coming to this camp. The most impressive thing about Josh is his expressiveness. He throws a clothesline similar to that of Stan Hanson in his prime.  Josh is serious about a career in wrestling. (Blue Chip Prospect)

Chris "The Bambi Killer" Raaber
Chris "Bambi Killer" Raaber is another 18 year old.  He's 6' 5" and 210 lbs, and might have the most potential of anyone at the camp.  Chris is from Austria, and has been wrestling in Europe since he was 16.  He's already sound fundamentally, and throws a great kick. (Blue Chip Prospect)

Dino Blade
Dino Blade has the a great personality on promos and excellent physical appearance.  He works just as naturally as a heel or a baby face. and was especially entertaining in his promos.  His baby face promo with Adam Windsor was one of the more entertaining of the weekend.  He's also got one of the best attitudes you would ever want to be around.... (Blue Chip Prospect)

Flying Fred Curry
"Rocket" Curry has been called a "can't miss" prospect.  He's the son of "Flying Fred" Curry, and the grandson of "Wild Bull" Curry....  Fred is a natural athlete and played lacrosse for Ohio State. If you ever had a chance to see his dad, you know the style that "Rocket" likes to work....multiple drop-kicks and head scissors are his specialty, but he's fundamentally sound in other areas as well. He's going to be a major star one day. (Blue Chip Prospect)

Jose "The Movie Star" Moreno
Attended our Christmas Funking Conservatory and his performance was so impressive to the Florida State University movie production department that he landed a starring role in their production of a wrestling movie, Sweet Joe. The movie is expected to earn awards on a national level. Jose is a good worker and has excellent interview skills. He is a dedicated body builder and has a charisma that entertains. (Blue Chip Prospect)

Bruiser Layton
Bruiser is only 18 years old, 6' 4" 270 pounds from Ocala, Florida. Bruiser is just that a Bruiser of a man even though he is young. Bruiser does what is necessary in the wrestling business. He puts people in the seats. Bruiser had his own cheering section at Conservatory II. He is a natural leader and knows how to handle himself in the ring. Bruiser is our Hard Core Specialist. (Blue Chip Prospect)

There will be 38 young men and women working hard to make it in the wrestling business. If you are interested in attending the Funking Conservatory as a participant or as a scout, please contact us.

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