About the Funking Conservatory
The Funking Conservatory is a pro-wrestling school owned by Dory and Marti Funk.
The Funking Conservatory is located in Ocala, Florida.
!BANG! TV is a production of the Funking Conservatory.
!BANG! is produced by Marti Funk
To contact Dory or Marti Funk:
    Business - (352) 895-4658
    E-mail - fuanku@dory-funk.com
    Mailing Address
        Dory / Marti Funk
        P.O. Box 771-702
        Ocala, Florida  34477-1702
Our preferred airport for those flying in Orlando, International Airport.
At the Funking Conservatory we have a safety program.
The Funking Conservatory is a coed program.
At the Funking Conservatory we train:
    Commentators and Announcers
At the Funking Conservatory our entry program is for three weeks.
We also offer special programs tailored to your needs.
We have special programs for alumni of the Funking Conservatory.
As a wrestler, on your first day of training, you will appear on video with an interview
    and a wrestling match.
Three weeks of training will qualify you to appear on our !BANG! TV show.
We have programs that include lodging and we have local programs.
DVDs of our training sessions and !BANG! TV are sent to all major promotions.
The Funking Conservatory offers the most extensive television training available.
You will become a part of the Funking Conservatory Team, all in support of each other.

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