!BANG! TV Report
Airdates: March 24-28
WOGX TV FOX 51 Ocala, FL
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy

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     Hello all and welcome to the latest edition to the !BANG! TV report. I'd like to start off by thanking
all the fans who came out to the last !BANG! TV taping "Razzle Frazzle" this past March 22. The action
was hot and a great time was had by all. This now leads to the next !BANG! TV taping "Fools Be Damned"
on Saturday night, April 26, at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. More on the card

     The first match on today's program featured Menace II Society against one half of Blackout, Rainman.
Rainman was accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner Murder One and the !BANG! TV Champion
Red Power.      The match started off with a staredown between both wrestlers. Rainman gave a shove to
Menace, who shoved Rainman right back. Rainman went for a clothesline, but Menace ducked and then gave
Rainman three karate kicks followed up by a dropkick. Menace whipped Rainman into the ropes and connected
with a clothesline. Menace went to pick Rainman up again, but Rainman poked Menace's eyes and gave him two
forearms to the head.      Rainman whipped Menace into the ropes and caught him with a big standing dropkick.
Rainman went for the first cover of the match, but Menace kicked out at two. Menace started to retaliate with
more of the karate kicks followed up by a series of chops in the corner. Rainman reversed and started to chop
Menace. Rainman then threw Menace into the opposite corner and went for a running clothesline, but Menace
managed to kick Rainman in the face. Menace took Rainman back down with a snap mare and then gave him a
huge kick to the back. Menace went for the cover, but Rainman kicked out at two.
     Rainman turned the tide of the match with a low blow to Menace and followed up with a double arm suplex.
Rainman went for the cover, but Menace once again kicked out at two. Rainman picked Menace up and gave
him a bodyslam, then decided to go up to the top turnbuckle. Rainman came off with a flying legdrop, but Menace
moved just in the nick of time.
     As Menace applied a Texas cloverleaf on Rainman, Red Power ran into the ring and distracted referee The
Claw. Murder One came in and smacked Menace in the head with Rainman's NWA Wildside TV title belt.
Rainman then picked Menace up and planted him on the mat with the Death driver. Rainman made the cover
for three and the victory.

     The next segment featured interviews from participants in the Funking Conservatory's Teenager Program.
This program is open to boys and girls ages 14-17. The first interview shown featured one of the very first
interviews made by Irwin Doppschwalla.      Irwin is 15 years old and was the first graduate of the Teenager
Program to wrestle on !BANG! TV. On that very same night, Irwin beat Murder One of Blackout in only four
seconds to become the youngest !BANG! TV Champion in Funking Conservatory history.
     The next interview would be Irwin pretending to be Terry Funk. Irwin started talking like a cowboy and
was wearing a cowboy shirt and cowboy hat. Standing next to Irwin was another participant, and her name was
Stytch. More on her later.

     Segment three would have Adam Windsor and Dory Funk Jr taking a look at a new tag team from Ireland
making their Funking Conservatory debut. They are Bulldozer and The Celtic Tiger, and together they are The
Irish Connection.
     Video clips were shown of both Bulldozer and Tiger in training matches against each other and against such
stars as Adam Windsor, Sledgehammer, and Red Power. Be sure to check out The Irish Connection on !BANG!
in the next few weeks. These guys are awesome.

     After Missy Hyatt's commercial for the Funking Conservatory was shown, Adam and Dory showed more i
nterviews with participants from the teen program at the Funking Conservatory.
     The interview shown was the very first for this young lady who we'll call "Allison". She was telling Irwin
Doppschwalla that she was not a made up cartoon character like him and that her job was not cooking or cleaning,
but to kick the behinds of her opponents.
     In only nine months, "Allison", went on to become Dixie, the first female graduate of the teen program, the
current Funking Conservatory Women's Champion, and is now known as Dixie The Diva Of Domination (3D).
     Irwin was back wielding his light saber and then throwing it down saying he was no longer a Doppschwalla.
Irwin then started to flip out. Stytch looked at him and probably didn't know what to think.

     The next match would be Trevor Mercury and Sledgehammer defending the Funking Conservatory Tag Team
Championship against the team called Risky Business, Livewire Chris Vaughn and (Oh my God, it's) Rick Santel.
     Vaughn and Trevor would start the match for their respective teams. Trevor gained the early advantage by
shoving Vaughn down to the mat. Trevor then caught Vaughn with an armtwist into an armbar. Trevor made the
first tag of the match to Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer came in and continued twisting Vaughn's arm twice and
quickly tagged back out to Trevor.      Trevor kept the armtwisting going until Vaughn was able to reverse the
hold and make the tag to Rick Santel. Both members of Risky Business gave Trevor a double whip into the ropes
and caught him with a double elbow smash. Santel went for the cover, but Trevor kicked out at two.
     Santel continued twisting Trevor's arm until Trevor reversed the hold and made the tag to Sledgehammer.
Sledgehammer came in taking over where Trevor left off twisting Santel's arm. Santel made a reversal of his own
and made the tag to Vaughn.      Both Santel and Vaughn gave Sledgehammer a double whip into the ropes and
caught him with a double clothesline. Vaughn continued with two blows to Sledgehammer's head. Vaughn started
to whip Sledgehammer into the ropes, but Sledgehammer reversed and gave Vaughn a clothesline sending him into
a 360. Sledgehammer picked Vaughn up and made the tag to Trevor.
     Trevor whipped Vaughn into the ropes and gave him another clothesline. Trevor picked Vaughn up and quickly
tagged Sledgehammer back into the match. As Sledgehammer picked Vaughn up again, Vaughn made his move
throwing three blows to Sledgehammer's head and following up with a suplex on the 260 pounder. Vaughn made
the move he needed and made the tag to Santel.
     Santel whipped Sledgehammer into the ropes and gave him a huge clothesline. Santel went for the cover, but
Sledgehammer kicked out at two. Sledgehammer was able to tag Trevor back in as Santel picked him up off the
mat. Trevor went to work on the injured left knee of Santel by dropping the elbow on it three times. Trevor dragged
Santel back to his corner and made the tag to Sledgehammer.
     Sledgehammer continued the assault on the left knee of Santel. Santel was able to free himself and make the
tag to Vaughn. Vaughn started to repeatedly give both Trevor and Sledgehammer clotheslines one right after another.
Sledgehammer tried to stop Vaughn with a whip to the ropes and an attempted clothesline, but Vaughn ducked and
made a blind tag to Santel.       As Sledgehammer picked Vaughn up, Santel dragged Vaughn off his shoulders
allowing Santel to pick up Sledgehammer and drop him to the mat with an Olympic slam. Santel made the cover for
the three count and the victory. Your winners and new Funking Conservatory Tag Team Champions, Risky Business.
     After the match was over, Trevor and Sledgehammer raised the hands of Risky Business and then attacked them
from behind. Coach Dory Funk Jr. ran into the ring to try to restore order. All Coach Funk got was a big shove
from Sledgehammer.

     The next teen interview featured the young lady named Stytch. She talked about wanting to beat Adam Windsor
and joining forces with Irwin Doppschwalla. Then she said that Irwin didn't want her anymore and tried to vaporize
him with a toy gun. I did find out that her favorite wrestlers are Matt and Jeff Hardy. Keep your eyes on this one.

     The show closed with a highlight reel of Adam Windsor and some of the great stars of !BANG! including TNT
Travis Taylor, Sterling James Keenan, "Dreamachine" Chris Cage, Paul London, and Missy Hyatt.

     The next !BANG! TV taping "Fools Be Damned" will take place on Saturday night, April 26, at the Dory Funk
Arena in Ocala, FL. The Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor will be on
the card along with Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion Bobby "Bonecrusher" Smith with Missy Hyatt,
Funking Conservatory European Champion Sledgehammer, !BANG! TV Champion Red Power, Funking
Conservatory Women's Champion Dixie, Blackout and Dirt From NWA Wildside, WWE Talent Scout Dr. Tom
Prichard, The Claw, and the Living Legend himself Dory Funk Jr. There will be other wrestlers
yet to be named on the card so get your tickets fast before they sell out.

     See you all next week with another action packed edition of the !BANG! TV report.

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