!BANG! TV Report
Airdate: July 12, 2003
WRBW UPN 65  Orlando, FL
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy
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     Hello all and welcome to the !BANG! TV report. Don't forget to join us tonight at the Dory Funk Arena in
Ocala, FL, for the !BANG! house show. Tonight's main event will be a huge tag team main event. More on that later.

     The first match on today's show would be The Royal Stud Adam Windsor defending his Funking Conservatory
World Heavyweight Championship against the man behind magnitudes of situations and claims to have legions and
regions of fans, the !BANG! TV Champion, Samson.
     The match started with Adam and Samson locking up. Adam pushed Samson into the ropes and as he went to
break, Samson shoved him down to the mat. When Adam tried to get up, Samson used a leg trip to get him back
down and went for a front facelock, but Adam was too quick for him.
     After another lockup, Samson forced Windsor into the corner and gave him a blow to the midsection. Samson
attempted to whip Adam into the opposite corner, but Adam reversed the whip and caught Samson coming out of
the corner with an armdrag.
     Adam followed up with an armbar and then switched to a headlock. Samson shoved Adam into the ropes and
both men ended up in a criss cross. Samson dropped to the mat and Adam hopped over. Adam turned right around
and dropped the elbow across Samson's back. Samson left the ring for a breather.
     Once Samson came back into the ring, he took Adam back down to the mat and applied an armbar trying to get
Adam to submit. Adam would reverse into an armbar of his own. Adam forced Samson into the corner and followed
up with two shots to the midsection. Adam went to whip Samson into the opposite corner, but Samson reversed the
whip and gave Adam a huge clothesline.
     Samson followed up with a backbreaker and went for a cover, but Adam kicked out at two. Samson continued
his offense with a legdrop and went for another cover, but Adam once again kicked out at two. Samson whipped
Adam into the ropes and caught him in a form of the cobra clutch submission hold. Referee Claudia "The Claw" Reiff
asked Adam if he wanted to submit, but Adam said no.
     The match continued at an even pace between both wrestlers, but the tide turned in the match when Samson threw
Adam shoulder first into the ringpost. Adam landed outside the ring on the floor next to his biggest fans. Samson came
down to the floor and started punching Adam in the head.
     During all that was going on, The Claw had started a ten count. Samson then proceeded to sling Adam up on his
shoulders and started to walk up the steps to the ring. Samson then dropped Adam into the ring and as he started to
get back in, The Claw shouted "TEN" and called for the bell. Adam would retain the Funking Conservatory World
Heavyweight Championship via countout.
     After the match was over, Samson jumped Adam from behind and started to pound on him. Once he was done,
Samson left the ring. Adam then asked Samson if that was all he had. Samson then reached under the ring and pulled
out a steel chair. Samson continued his attack on Adam by hitting him in the already injured shoulder with the chair.
     After Samson left the ring again, Adam dared him to come back in and try for more. Samson rushed back in and
proceeded to pick up the championship belt and smack Adam in the shoulder once more. Samson then took Adam
and threw him shoulder first again into the ringpost. He would then take Adam and wrap him up in a Japanese armbar,
further injuring the shoulder.
     Bonecrusher came into the ring and persuaded Samson to release the hold. He told Samson that he wanted a little
piece of Adam for himself. Bonecrusher positioned Adam for a chokeslam, but Bonecrusher turned and gave the
chokeslam to Samson.
     Bonecrusher then made a challenge to Samson for a tag team match at the next house show and that he could
have any partner of his choice. Bonecrusher then shocked the crowd when he announced to Samson that he would
have Adam as his partner. Adam finished up by telling Samson that he and Bonecrusher would kick his a**.

     Bonecrusher, who is the Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion, would be in the next match against Funking
Conservatory Tag Team Champion Sledgehammer to crown a new Funking Conservatory European Champion. In
Sledgehammer's corner was the other half of the Tag Team Champions, The Highland Strangler.
     Bonecrusher started off with a reverse headlock, but Sledgehammer countered with a reverse armbar.
Sledgehammer was forced to break the hold when Bonecrusher put his foot on the bottom rope. Bonecrusher would
take Sledgehammer back down to the mat with a drop toehold into an anklelock, but had to break the hold when
Sledgehammer grabbed the rope.
     Bonecrusher gave Sledgehammer two forearm shots to the head and followed up with a clothesline. Bonecrusher
went for a double handed shot to the back, but Sledgehammer caught him with a shot to the midsection and several
shots to the head. Sledgehammer whipped Bonecrusher into the corner and caught him with a running clothesline.
     Sledgehammer would follow up with a suplex and cover, but Bonecrusher kicked out at two. Sledgehammer
went to whip Bonecrusher into the corner again, but Bonecrusher reversed the whip and rammed Sledgehammer's
head into the top turnbuckle. Bonecrusher would follow up with a blow to the back and a chop.
     Bonecrusher then whipped Sledgehammer into the ropes and caught him with a huge clothesline. Bonecrusher
continued by catching Sledgehammer in a headlock. Sledgehammer would counter by shoving Bonecrusher into the
ropes and starting a criss cross.
     Bonecrusher dropped twice and Sledgehammer hopped over him twice. As Sledgehammer came off the ropes,
Bonecrusher surprised him with the bionic elbow to the head. Bonecrusher then dropped the Bonecrusher elbow
drop on Sledgehammer and it looked like Bonecrusher had the match won, but somehow Sledgehammer kicked
out at two which not many people do.
     Bonecrusher continued his assault on Sledgehammer with a DDT into a cover, but Sledgehammer kicked out
again at two. Bonecrusher threw Sledgehammer into the corner and gave him two huge chops. Bonecrusher then
picked up Sledgehammer and gave him a bodyslam, but Sledgehammer held on and rolled Bonecrusher up for
the three count.
     Your winner and now a two time Funking Conservatory European Champion, Sledgehammer. Sledgehammer
is now a double champion as he and Highland Strangler are Tag Team Champions.

     The !BANG! house shows take place every Saturday night at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL, and tickets
are only $5. Tonight's main event will be the special challenge tag team match with the unlikely team of Adam
Windsor and Bonecrusher facing the team of Samson and a partner of his choice.
     Also on tonight's card will be Funking Conservatory Women's Champion Dixie, and Tag Team Champions T
he Highland Strangler & Sledgehammer, who is also European Champion. Making their debuts will be The Blue
Bomber and Lady Jasmine, and making his first appearance in the !BANG! ring since May 2001, The Big Cat.
     The next !BANG! TV taping titled "Ugly Riot" will take place on Saturday night, July 26. All your favorite
!BANG! stars will be there including the First Lady Of Wrestling Missy Hyatt. Tickets for TV tapings are $15.
     Doors for all shows open at 6 PM with matches starting at 7 PM and due to limited seating we encourage
you to bring your own chair. Don't forget to bring your signs and posters. For more information on anything, call
Marti Funk at (352) 895-4658 or log onto www.dory-funk.com. Speaking of the web, you can also check out
Adam Windsor's new site at www.theroyalstud.com. I hope to see you all tonight at the Dory Funk Arena.
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