!BANG! Report
Airdate, August 8th, 2002
By James Malone (Sign Guy)
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     Today's edition of !BANG! featured the first part of the 2 out of 3
falls match for the FC Heavyweight Championship between the FC Triple Crown
Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor and FC United States Champion Osamu
Nishimura of New Japan Pro Wrestling. The match started off with a collar and
elbow tie-up between both wrestlers. Nishimura pushed Adam into the corner
and made a clean break when Claudia "The Claw" Reiff called for it. Both men
locked up again and this time Adam took Nishimura down with an armdrag and
followed up with an armbar. Nishimura rose to his feet and used an armdrag on
Adam. After another tie-up, Adam tried to get the upper hand, but Nishimura
grabbed the ropes forcing the break. Nishimura did take Adam down to the mat
with a double wrist lock followed up by a head scissors. Adam was able to
kick out at one. Adam then used the same moves on Nishimura, the double wrist
lock and the head scissors. Nishimura was able to turn himself over even
though Adam still had his legs locked around Nishimura's neck. Nishimura
powered his way into a headstand and powered his way out of the head scissors
cleanly. Once the wrestlers locked up again, Adam was able to get around
Nishimura and use a schoolboy rollup, but Nishimura got his shoulder up at
one. Adam tried three more times to hold Nishimura down, but the star from
New Japan managed to get his shoulder up at one all three times. Nishimura
was able to counter and apply an armlock submission hold on Adam. The Claw
asked Adam many times if he wanted to give up, but Adam said no. Nishimura
continued to concentrate on Adam's arm and then changed to a side headlock.
Adam was able to push Nishimura into the ropes to force the break. At that
point, a great scientific match went out the window as both wrestlers engaged
in a slugfest with Nishimura getting the advantage on Adam by following up
with a figure four head scissors. Adam refused to give up. Nishimura changed
the hold to a Japanese armbar. Adam reversed the hold into his own armbar and
forced Nishimura's shoulders to the mat, but Nishimura kicked out at two.
Adam kept the armbar locked on, but Nishimura was able to bridge his way out,
get to his feet, and catch Adam in a sleeper hold. Once Adam was down,
Nishimura went for a cover but Adam kicked out at two. Nishimura continued on
Adam's left arm, but Adam started to fight back by continuously punching
Nishimura in his chin. Nishimura went down, but never released Adam's arm.
Adam managed to get to the ropes forcing the break, but as Nishimura broke
the hold, he caught Adam in the back of his left leg with a side whip kick.
Both men started using the whip kick on each other but it was Nishimura's
kick to the back of Adam's left knee which put him down. Adam got back to his
feet and the slugfest started again. This time Adam had the advantage by
whipping Nishimura into the corner and attempting the backdrop, but Nishimura
countered with a sunset flip which Adam countered with a sharpshooter
attempt. Nishimura kicked Adam off and caught him with a German suplex and
stunned the crowd by getting the three count and the first fall of the match.
During the three minute rest period as Dory was helping out Adam, the First
Lady Of Wrestling Missy Hyatt came to the ring with a bottle of water and
Nishimura's towel. Nishimura looked at her as if he had no idea why she was
there. The second fall began with a handshake between both wrestlers and some
of the other wrestlers on the card coming out to ringside to watch this great
match. Both Adam and Nishimura went right back to exchanging forearms and
uppercuts. Nishimura was able to put Adam down to the mat first. Nishimura
then picked Adam up and rammed his head into the top turnbuckle and followed
up with another uppercut. Adam was able to reverse and pounded Nishimura with
uppercut after uppercut. As Nishimura went down to the mat, Adam kicked him
in the chest and followed up with a front facelock. Adam turned Nishimura
over and went for a cover but Nishimura kicked out at two. Adam tried again,
but again Nishimura kicked out at two. Adam tried for a third time, but this
time Nishimura bridged out at two. Adam tried to put him back down but
Nishimura was able to keep the bridge going. Nishimura was able to catch Adam
in a head scissors yet again. Nishimura picked Adam up and went back to work
on his left arm. At this point, !BANG! signed off with the announcement that
next week's show would have the conclusion to the match.
     As we wait for next week's program, our next !BANG! TV taping will take
place Saturday night August 24 at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. Adam
Windsor and Osamu Nishimura will headline "Living On The Edge" in a 60 minute
Ironman Match for the FC World Heavyweight Championship. In this match,
whoever scores the most pinfalls or submissions in 60 minutes will win the
match and the championship. Doors at the arena open at 6 PM with action
starting at 7 PM. See you at the matches.

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