Subject: !BANG! Report August 22
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 02:58:33 EDT

By James Malone (Sign Guy)
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     Today's edition of !BANG! began with a preview of the Ironman Match
between The Royal Stud Adam Windsor and Osamu Nishimura that will be taking
place at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL, on August 24. Highlights of their
last match was shown throughout the segment. After the segment was Missy
Hyatt's commercial promoting the Funking Conservatory.
     The match featured on today's show was a tag team match featuring the FC
Self Proclaimed "Whoa Man's" Champion, Heater, and his partner, !BANG!
newcomer Vik Dalishus, who was accompanied by the First Lady Of Wrestling
Missy Hyatt, taking on the team of another !BANG! newcomer, Eric The Great,
and his partner the FC Triple Crown Champion, The Royal Stud Adam Windsor.
Before the match started, Heater presented a bouquet of roses to Missy. The
match started off with a lockup between Vik and Adam with Vik catching Adam
in a side headlock. Adam pushed Vik into the ropes but Vik caught Adam with a
shoulder tackle. Vik bounced off the ropes, ducked Adam's clothesline
attempt, but could not escape a hiptoss by Adam. Adam followed up on Vik with
an armdrag and a bodyslam. Vik quickly left the ring and was met on the floor
by Missy. Adam came out of the ring and chased Vik and Missy to the other
side. As Adam came back into the ring, Vik made his move by attacking Adam
with kicks and punches to the back and head. Vik whipped Adam into the ropes
to attempt a clothesline, but Adam countered with a Mexican headscissors and
another bodyslam. Vik quickly made his way to the corner to tag Heater into
the match. No sooner did Heater enter the ring that Adam met him with a
clothesline. Adam gave Heater an armtwist and made the tag to Eric. Eric came
in and started working on Heater's left arm. Eric then whipped Heater into
the ropes and gave him a clothesline. Eric went for a cover, but Heater
kicked out at two. Eric put Heater in a bodyslam and followed up with a
legdrop. Eric went for another cover, but Heater again kicked out at two.
Eric made the tag back to Adam who, with help from Eric, planted Heater with
a Royal Edge. Adam went for a cover, but Vik broke the count at two. Adam
placed Heater in the corner and gave him two big chops. Adam then hooked
Heater's legs into the ropes and kicked him in the lower extremities. Both
Adam and heater made tags to their partners. Vik gained the advantage on Eric
with several blows and kicks. Vik placed Eric into the corner and delivered
more kicks to Eric's stomach. Vik attempted to whip Eric into the opposite
corner, but Eric reversed the whip and Vik went over the top rope to the
apron and then clotheslined Eric. Vik went for a cover, but Eric kicked out
at two. Vik tagged Heater back into the match. Heater applied his "burning
bridges" hold on Eric, but Eric would not give up. Heater continued his
offense until Eric was able to get him into the corner and give him several
shoulder tackles. Eric then tagged Adam back in. Adam gave Heater a big chop,
but Heater countered with a low blow which the referee did not see. Heater
made the tag to Vik, who blocked Adam from kicking him in the stomach but
never expected the sigiry kick to the head. Adam went for a cover, but Vik
kicked out at two. The action continued for several minutes until Vik made
the tag to Heater and Adam tagged Eric. Heater tried taking Eric down with
several chops to the chest, but the chops had no effect on Eric. Eric threw
Heater into the corner and gave him three huge chops. Eric made another tag
to Adam. Adam took Heater and was ready to give him the Royal Ride, but Vik
interfered. Vik grabbed Adam for Heater and as Heater bounced off the ropes,
Adam ducked and Heater knocked Vik silly. This made Vik angry and he punched
Heater. After Adam grabbed Vik and tossed him out of the ring, he took Heater
and planted him in the middle of the ring with a sit dowm power bomb. The
Claw counted three and declared Adam Windsor and Eric The Great the winners.
After the match was over, Heater tried to apologize to Vik, but Vik grabbed
Heater and Missy hit him with the flowers.
     This Saturday, August 24, the !BANG! TV tapings take place with "Living
On The Edge" and the main event of Adam Windsor defending the FC World
Heavyweight Championship against FC United states Champion Osamu Nishimura in
a 60 minute Ironman match. Prior to the show, the Funking Conservatory will
be having Fan Appreciation Day from 3-5 PM and it is open to the public.
There will be merchandise for sale, wrestlers signing autographs, plus a
wrestler's training session. We will also be having special guests from Japan
as Fumi Saito will be bringing 50 Japanese tourists to the show to witness
the Ironman Match. After Fan Appreciation Day ends at 5 PM, the doors will
reopen at 6 PM and Matches get under way at 7 PM. On the card with Adam
Windsor and Osamu Nishimura will be Heater, Lost Boyz & Rainman from NWA
Wildside, and several other wrestlers. See you at the matches.

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