!BANG! Exhibition Results
Dory Funk Arena  Ocala, FL
June 7, 2003
Written by James Malone aka Sign Guy

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     "Extreme Exhibition II" was another great night of exhibition matches for the
Funking Conservatory. The following is the results of the card. All exhibition matches
are non-title.

     Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion, Bone Crusher def. El Diablo.

     Untouchable Leon Scott (w/Tiziana in his corner) def. Funking Conservatory
European Champion Sledgehammer.

     Funking Conservatory European Champion Sledgehammer def. Carmine Guarascio..

     Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor def.
Untouchable Leon Scott (w/Tiziana in his corner).

     At the end of the Scott/Windsor match, Bonecrusher came into the ring and proceeded
to challenge Windsor for his Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship.
Windsor told Bonecrusher that he would have an answer for him next week.

     Exhibition matches take place every Saturday night at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala,
FL. Tickets are only $5 and seating is limited so we encourage you to bring your own chair.
The !BANG! TV tapings take place on the last Saturday night of every month.
Tickets for the TV tapings are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.
     The next !BANG! TV taping will be on June 28  Adam Windsor, Bonecrusher, Dixie,
Sledgehammer, Matt Doman and newcomers, El Diablo and Tiger Face will be there. Also
on the card will be New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura. Other wrestlers will be
in the building with referee extraordinaire The Claw officiating the action.
For ticket information you can call:
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