!BANG! TV Exhibition Results
by James Malone aka Sign Guy

     May 31 saw the debut of the !BANG! Exhibition matches at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. The action was
hot and fast with an ending that would be talked about for a long time.

     The first match was supposed to be a tag team match with Manny Montana and a partner who did not show, so
it turned into a handicap match with Montana against the team of Funking Conservatory European Champion
Sledgehammer and Funking Conservatory Hardcore Champion Bobby "Bonecrusher" Smith managed by Lawbook
Esquire. Bonecrusher and Sledgehammer thought they had it easy, but Montana lasted through the 10 minute time
limit match which ended in a draw.

     Coach Dory Funk, Jr. and the Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor
came into the ring for the Fighting Heart Award presentation. They presented the award to the Funking Conservatory
Women's Champion, 16 year old Dixie.

     Then an improptu wrestling demonstration began as Adam asked the fans if they wanted to see Dixie armdrag Dory.
The fans responded yes and Dixie took Dory Down to the mat with a beautiful armdrag. Then Adam Asked the fans if
they wanted to see Dixie give himself a headlock take down. The fans responded again and Dixie brought Adam down
to the mat with an awesome headlock takedown.

     At this point Bonecrusher came in and challenged Dixie to put him in the schoolboy rollup. Bonecrusher even gave
her a 10 count to try. By the time Bonecrusher counted to 8, Adam moved Dixie off to the side. When Bonecrusher
said 10, Adam easily rolled him up in the schoolboy.

     Lawbook Esquire's stable was very successful this evening as Bonecrusher earned a hard fought victory over
Manny Montana and Slegehammer pinned the man who would be his partner in the main event, !BANG! TV
Champion The Highland Strangler.

     Strangler and Sledgehammer came back for the main event in which they would face the team of the Funking
Conservatory Women's Champion Dixie and the Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud
Adam Windsor.

     Adam and Dixie had this match won until Bonecrusher stood on the apron with a steel chair. This distracted the
referee The Claw and then the unbelieveable happened. As Adam watched Bonecrusher he was the victim of a low
blow by none other than DIXIE, his own partner!!! Bonecrusher then stormed the ring and clocked Adam with the
chair. The Claw called for the bell and awarded the match via DQ to Adam and his turncoat partner Dixie.

     Meanwhile, every wrestler on the card was in the ring stomping on Adam. Manny Montana tried to make the
save but he fell victim to Bonecrusher's chair as well. The ring cleared when Dory came in to save Adam. The only
person who stayed was Bonecrusher, who proceeded to shove the living legend not once but twice. Dory gave
Bonecrusher a kneelift and a hard right fist sending him down to the mat. Bonecrusher was pulled out of the ring
by his "friends" just as Dory was about to apply the spinning toehold.

     The action will be just as great as the exhibition matches will continue on Saturday night, June 7, at the Dory
Funk Arena in Ocala, FL. Tickets for the exhibitions only cost $5 and you are encouraged to bring your own
chair due to limited seating. The next !BANG! TV taping will take place on Saturday night, June 28, and it will
mark the return of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura.
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