Kick Ass Photos By Marti Funk, Photographer

Marti Funk, Videography/Photography

For information:
E-mail Marti Funk
Call - (352) 854-8855
Mobil Phone - (352) 895-4658

When only the best will do.
Professional Videography/Photography
Modeling - Glamour - Senior

Complete weddings start as low as $495.00
(All Negatives included with each wedding package)

Portraits, Family, Children, Pets,


Events, Aviation, Athletics, Graduation, Business

Communion & Confirmations
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Advertising - Commercial Videography/Photography

Tel - 352-854-8855    Fax - 352-854-2510   Mobil - 352-895-4658

E-mail Marti Funk

Color Brochures, Printing, Computer Digital Image Enhancement

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