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Ed Ferrrrrarrrrrraaaaaaa

Recently, on "Between the Ropes" Ed Ferrrrrarrrrrraaaaaaa  criticized Dory Funk Jr. and
Harley Race and hoped they would not wrestle when they appear on the inaugural NWA-
TNA PPV. He said, “I don’t want to see Dory and Harley go out there and work a
legends match,” he said. “Put me to sleep." I want to see A.J. Styles. I want to see
Low Ki. I want to see these young guys that are going to -- 100 years when they’re still
around like Dory and Harley are – people are going to say, ‘Jeez, A.J., Low Ki, give it a
break. Let Arn Anderson XII come in because he’s this new hot kid on the block.’”

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In response

How is Ed Ferrrrrarrrrrraaaaaaa qualified to criticize the work two NWA Champions who are
going to be in Huntsville, Alabama to give of their reputations in support of NWA Total
Nonstop Action.

When I see Ed Ferrrrrarrrrrraaaaaaa at the NWA/TNA Pay Per View in Huntsville, Alabama
I will stick my foot so far up his fat ass that I will have to hop around on one leg. We will see
if that will put him to sleep.

I am in Huntsville to give my services to Jarrett Promotions. However there is nothing I would
like better than an opportunity to step into the ring with Ed Ferrrrrarrrrrraaaaaaa. He has been
there before selling himself as a wrestler for WCW wrestling a girl.

C'mon Ed Ferrrrrarrrrrraaaaaaa step in the ring with a man.

Dory Funk Jr.

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