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The Big Cat


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To look at his face, you could maybe say that he resembles Stone Cold Steve Austin -

However if you take a second look at this athlete you can see that he is a caged raged
animal getting ready to be Unleashed.

Damon Maisner AKA The Big Cat, a former Paramedic attended the Funking Conservatory
in 2000. He lived in Michigan and came to Ocala Florida for a week of training.

After attending the Funking Conservatory 'The Big Cat's' ambitions were solidified as he
now knew that Professional Wrestling was what he wanted to do with his life.

Two years have passed, and The Big Cat is back, bigger, stronger, wilder and tougher than

The Big Cat has chosen to attend the Funking Conservatory for three weeks, this means that
he will have the chance to perform in front of a live audience for three consecutive Saturday
nights. He will be a star on two house shows, and then on the the Funking Conservatory's
TV Taping Ugly Riot on July 26th.

The Big Cat has made it be known that he is here and here to stay and will do anything to
become the Funking Conservatory Champion. In order for him to do that though, he is going
to have to go through The Triple Crown Champion, The Royal Stud Adam Windsor. Can the
Big Cat get through the challenge of the Royal Stud? Only time will tell, but Adam Windsor
better be on his game, as this caged raged animal is on the prowl and he is going to be on the

In fact some people say that The Big Cat set up the Royal Stud last week at The !BANG!
House show, as The Tv Champion Samson, viscously and maniacally attacked the Royal
Stud trying to break his shoulder.
Was this attack predetermined and did it soften Adam Windsor up for the arrival of The Big

Once again only time will tell.

The Funking Conservatory is running house shows every Saturday Night, and one big
TV Taping once a month. The next TV Taping is Saturday Night July 26th. Appearing
on the the show will be - Dory Funk Jr., Adam 'The Royal Stud' Windsor, The Big Cat,
The Blue Bomber, Dixie, Missy Hyatt, Bonecrusher, The Highland Strangler, Synn,
Samson, Sledgehammer And many more athletes.

The Funking Conservatory also produces a weekly TV show called !BANG!, and can
be seen in Florida on UPN 65 at Saturday at 6:30am.

(Adam Windsor on the set of !BANG!)

Check out to find out more about joining the Funking
Conservatory. On the top left hand side of the screen is a link to a brand new
application form for the rest of this year.

The Funking Conservatory currently offers, 1 week, 2 week and 3 week courses
for wrestlers, valets, managers, referees and promoters.

We are completly co-ed and offer teenage programs with safety being our
number one priority.
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