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Gunslinger Babe's Rap
Thoughts at 4am.

I am a woman who's parents raised her to love and fear God. I was raised to believe in the sanctity of the Church and family. My parents taught me to pray. Prayer, is now my best asset.  As a young person the devil entered my life and left me in hell for many, many years. In 1980 , Dory and I met, he was 38 yrs old and I was 30.

Before Dory , I had been abused, raped, beaten and once left for dead. I had loved unwisely and believed to much in the greatness of friendship.

I was punished by my teachers for having a photographic memory and for too much original thought.

I have talents that have served me well in the jungle of life and at times I thought, perhaps, the few laughs were real happiness.

However, I am a very lucky person. One night in 1980, I was feeling as if there was no future. I prayed for something I thought Impossible. TO BE LOVED/REALLY LOVED. To be loved by someone who would always be my best friend.

I think there are many prayers I can remember being answered, but that one was special. You see, when I was 5yrs. old,  I would dream of a young, tall boy with blue eyes and blond hair riding a horse. It was a vision of things to come. If I have had any measure of  success and happiness, It must be measured by my most cherished of all memories -The times spent with my Junior (Dory Jr).

Many people are searching for someone strong enough to give their all and lead the young to understand, that you must give to receive.  Dory Funk Jr., he is the PEOPLE CHAMPION. He has been ready to assume that responsibly this year and help to close the credibility gap, the credibility gap  you the fans have so bitterly complain about.

Dan Severn is a man who has let the fans down over and over again.

He has not been willing to learn anymore than he already knows..........
Is he a truthful man? I don't know yet!!   However, I hold my reserve.

The wrestling fans have been interested in supporting the NWA but, their feelings about sports entertainment and its history are being ignored by Dan Severn!!!

 I  and many others say ....


Thoughts at 5:00am

Most times the sheets are mildly irritating ,slightly amusing and oddly they are necessary. For so much of my life with Dory I have been misunderstood.  I have one primary goal in life--to look after my best friend, aka, Dory Funk Jr.

On many occasions and with many people who have called themselves friends and in some cases family, Dory has been betrayed, cheated ,lied to and back stabbed by the very people he found work for, cared about and trained!!!

Perhaps, I can truly understand Vince and Bret.  They have watched this business in and out. They know nobody will care about you in the end. Oh, a few fans will speak to you and remember something you would rather forget, but they will remember and they will demand that you remember too!!!

I have watched Dory raise 3 beautiful kids, a Doctor, Business Woman and Teacher. They were good athletes, but not great, so, his desire for them to find their own way out of this business,  has been a credit to outstanding  parenting on his part.

However, they have produced some young ones who show the promise of greatness!!
Time will Tell.........

Marti Funk

Our grandchildren, Jennifer, Sheldon, Cobi, Kai, and Bob
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